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Useful bash shortcuts

Moving around: CTRL + A # beginning of the current line CTRL + E # end of the current line Alt + F # one word forward Alt + B # one word back Text manipulation: CTRL + U # delete characters before cursor CTRL + K # delete characters

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Hide other users processes on Linux

By default proc is mounted in a way that allows inspection of other users processes by any account on the system. This can be a security risk if attacker gets hold of one of the accounts on the machine as it can freely inspect processes and gather information that it

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GNU Screen tips – Managing regions

Although I use tmux primarily for my “multiplexing needs” I hop into screen from time to time as well. Below are few tips for managing regions inside of GNU screen. Your basic screen window probably looks somewhat like: Ignoring hardstatus settings you basically have one session and one window inside

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Installing OTP for pass (password-store) on OpenSUSE

I’ve been using password-store utility for saving my passwords in GPG encrypted files. Since I’m also using 2 factor authentication I’ve opted in to use pass-otp as a convenience. As this extension is not in the official OpenSUSE repositories you will need to install it manually. If you’re reading this

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