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Updates on OpenSUSE Leap

So I’ve started this wild wild OpenSUSE ride and already posted some initial impressions and gripes I had. Some problems were just too annoying for me so I decided to reinstall and go with OpenSUSE Leap instead. In initial impressions article I’ve noted that backlight is not persisted accross the

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Switching to Leap

This is a short update on the progress of my OpenSUSE experiment. After initial fiasco with OpenSUSE Tumbleweed I decided to switch to the Leap. Reason being, Tumbleweed is not so “stable rolling” after all. My expectations, from marketing and everything, were that OpenSUSE Tumbleweed is basically like Arch, but

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Starting the OpenSUSE journey

I’ve been trying OpenSUSE throughout the years, at least once or twice a year, and there was always some set of annoyances with it so I could never stay on it permanently. This time, I have decided to give it my best shot and see if I can use OpenSUSE

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Useful bash shortcuts

Moving around: CTRL + A # beginning of the current line CTRL + E # end of the current line Alt + F # one word forward Alt + B # one word back Text manipulation: CTRL + U # delete characters before cursor CTRL + K # delete characters

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GNU Screen tips – Managing regions

Although I use tmux primarily for my “multiplexing needs” I hop into screen from time to time as well. Below are few tips for managing regions inside of GNU screen. Your basic screen window probably looks somewhat like: Ignoring hardstatus settings you basically have one session and one window inside

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