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Cleaning up ZFS GPT signatures

I have been previously installing Ubuntu on ZFS (root-on-zfs) and since then I’ve transitioned to Fedora, on ext4+lvm, to avoid much complication and hassle. It is also not necessary for me to have all those nice ZFS features on root. When I was installing Fedora I have reformatted existing drive.

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Expanding ZFS pool on Linux VPS

In order to expand ZFS pool first step is to resize underlying disk. Once that’s done, by default on Linux, partition 9 of size 8MB is created at the end of the disk. Reasoning for this partition is not completely clear for me, but according to some random discussions on

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Moving Ubuntu to Root-on-ZFS

My main rig is running Ubuntu 18.04. To be more precise I opted out at install time to use Ubuntu Mate 18.04 but later on installed AwesomeWM and use that instead now. But without digressing much, I decided it was time to move my root (/) to ZFS. Why? –

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Replacing a broken drive on FreeBSD ZFS

These days, one of the drives on one of my machines started developing bad habits of reallocating blocks which is an early sign that drive might go bad. To prevent such misfortune I decided to replace it with a new one. Once the old drive was yanked out and new

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Moving /home to another ZFS dataset

When I set up ZFS on my main rig I was kind of doing it “fast as possible” and haven’t paid attention to much details. Recently, I wanted to customize my setup a bit so here’s how I migrated my /home to another ZFS dataset. Setup was as follows: There

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Checking disk activity with ZFS – iostat

Pretty neat little command that I wasn’t aware before, but quick check of the manpage would bring it to my attention. :-) To check current disk activity stats on your zpool you can use: zpool iostat -v POOLNAME You can of course omit pool name, without it it’ll show statistics

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