Ivan Tomica

System Administrator versed in web servers, databases, email servers and generally in setting up highly-available infrastructure. Throughout the years I’ve managed various complex infrastructures and provided guidance to younger colleagues as well as directly supported the clients. I’ve worked with physical (leased and on-premise) hardware as well as the AWS.

Always in search for an opportunity to prove myself and to learn something new.



DevOps Lead Engineer - November 2020 - Present


DevOps Engineer - August 2018 - November 2020

Responsible for designing and deploying highly available infrastructure using various Cloud services. Experienced mainly with AWS environment. Day-to-day work requires tight collaboration with developers, project managers and clients to integrate best practices and provide optimal solutions.

In day-to-day work I’ve worked with and gathered experience in:

  • Designing resilient and highly available infrastructure while incorporating security best-practices
  • Following Agile methodologies in order to accomplish day-to-day tasks, provide proper estimates that can be further communicated to clients and other stakeholders
  • Writing Infrastructure as a Code using Terraform and thus lowering the effort for replicating setup among multiple development environments
  • Automating common tasks within Ansible and providing platform for easy execution in form of AWX (Ansible Tower)
  • Setting up CI/CD process using tools such as SemaphoreCI, Gitlab, AWS CodePipeline and Jenkins
  • Working with Docker - build, publish and deploy process to ECR, ECS (EC2 and Fargate) and in private time experimented with EKS and Kubernetes
  • Configuring, monitoring and troubleshooting various services and programs such as Nginx, Phusion Passenger, Redis, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Apache, Sensu, Grafana and many more to run and monitor applications written in PHP, Ruby, Python, Node.js, Elixir, and various other languages.

While accomplishing my daily work duties I’ve also regularly contributed to various project-related discussions and helped colleagues with their tasks by providing them with guidance and examples how to best approach solving the particular challenge.


System Administrator - December 2017 - August 2018

Company was providing managed hosting services to high-volume, world-renowned websites. Measuring network traffic in the neighborhood of 5-7% of global internet traffic.

I’ve performed various systems administration tasks, analyzed issues and performed required steps to remediate the issue. Also provided email and chat support to our clients.

I’ve gathered extensive experience and acquired knowledge of various underlying system components when working with:

  • Administered mostly Debian based systems but periodically worked with CentOS as well
  • Setting up new websites with accent on optimization and high-availability. In setups we were utilizing HAProxy as an request endpoint and configured it in highly-available fashion to distribute traffic between multiple web backend and database instances.
  • Configured, monitored and troubleshooted various other services such as Apache, Nginx, PHP-FPM, Supervisor, PM2, Percona MySQL, Sphinx, Redis, Memcached + MCRouter, Monit, Bind, Postfix and many more.
  • Gathered quite a bit of experience in managing IPTables based firewall rules.
  • Automated processes and propagated changes using Puppet automation system.


Level 3 Technical support - January 2017 - November 2017 (11 months)

When promoted to the Level 3 Technician I’ve had a chance to gather experience with advanced problems while also performing regular systems administration and setup tasks as well as the 3rd level support for end users.

My responsibilities included:

  • Finding hardware and software related issues and resolving them.
  • Performed server and service level configuration analysis, performance tuning and proposed changes for the long-term issue resolution.
  • Setting up new servers and services and maintaining multiple dedicated and shared hosting environments.
  • I’ve gathered extensive experience with various various web, email, database and other technologies built-in into cPanel like Apache, Lightspeed, Nginx, Apache Tomcat, cPanel, Plesk, MySQL, MariaDB, Percona, Exim, Postfix, Dovecot, OpenVPN, BIND, PowerDNS, MyDNS
  • Worked with various operating systems, mainly CentOS and CloudLinux but sometimes also with Ubuntu and Debian.
  • Had experience in working with and managing various underlying virtualization services like XEN, OpenVZ, Onapp, KVM and VMWARE
  • Installed, configured and used R1Soft CDP for performing backups of the managed servers.
  • Also performed application level, user level and root level compromise analysis.

My daily duties also included proposing new solutions to common tasks and issues as well as testing and documenting the state of new products we might use to advance our offerings.


Level 2 Technical support - July 2016 - December 2016 (6 months)

Company provided white-label support for various, mostly web-hosting related, companies.

My tasks were to answer to the escalated issues by the colleagues on the 1st level of support and resolve the issue client was facing or, should it be required, escalate issue further.

During my time on this position day-to-day I’ve worked on:

  • Primarily with CentOS and RedHat based servers, but sometimes with Ubuntu and Debian as well.
  • Troubleshooting various server and service related issues. Often testing server configurations and proposing better solutions to the clients.
  • Worked with various web hosting services such as Apache, Lightspeed, PHP, cPanel, MySQL, Exim, Nginx and many more.
  • Servers were often backed by some virtualization technology so I had a chance to familiarize myself with various virtualization technologies such as OpenVZ, XEN, VMWare and KVM.
  • As many servers were cPanel based I had an opportunity to also work with CloudLinux as a base operating system and utilize its built-in tools.


Linux System Administrator - February 2014 - July 2016 (2 years 6 months)

Upon transitioning to the role of Linux systems administrator I’ve had a chance to manage multiple Linux based servers and accompanying services.

My main responsibilities included:

  • Creation and installation of the virtual and dedicated servers, mainly based on CentOS, utilizing Kickstart for initial setup automation
  • Virtual server and storage devices management via OpenNebula
  • Configured and maintained multiple shared and dedicated web hosting environments. Mostly powered by cPanel. While working with cPanel I’ve also gathered extensive experienced with all of the built-in services such as Apache+PHP, Exim, MySQL, Bind and more
  • Configured and maintained server and application monitoring using combination of Monit and Nagios monitoring system
  • Configured and maintained R1Soft CDP backup policies.

I was also working on automating common tasks performed by the technical support department by writing bash scripts and have also provided guidance and written numerous guides to help colleagues in their day-to-day work-related activities..


Technical support - May 2012 - February 2014 (1 year 10 months)

Company was providing shared and dedicated web and email hosting services, mostly targeted at small to medium businesses.

Started working as a first line of the technical support for clients of our web and email hosting services. My main responsibilities included:

  • Communicating with clients via multiple communication channels (phone/live-chat/e-mail)
  • Provided technical support and guidance for services based on Windows and Linux servers.
  • Performed basic server monitoring, remediation of simpler issues or issue escalation.

During my work on this position I’ve gathered experience in troubleshooting various website related, database related and email related issues.


AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate (SOA) - June 19th 2019 - June 19th 2022

Credential ID YB24NP01B1141C5Q


cPanel & WHM System Administrator I Certification - August 2016 - August 2017

License Number 253490321761470905666

cPanel & WHM Administrator Certification - July 2016 - July 2017

License Number 238790321751469004201

cPanel & WHM Administrator Certification (CWA) - February 2019 - February 2020

License Number 8c58-7b63-499e-1a85z

cPanel & WHM Sales Professional - July 2016 - July 2018

License Number 238990321671469006674