If you are, like me, using keyboard for your tab manipulation needs inside Firefox you may find yourself in a same situation where I was. There is serious design flaw with Firefox’s default shortcut for closing the browser.

By default Firefox uses key combination Ctrl + q to close the window which is TOO CLOSE to Ctrl + w combination which is used for closing a single tab. Since I’ve been using Firefox I have this issue with closing Firefox coincidentally when in fact trying to close only one tab and that happens few times a day. If I was “normal Firefox user” that wouldn’t bother me too much, I think, but since I’m insane and have around 100+ tabs (being optimistic here) open at all time I find that “minor” keyboard related mistake a huge issue.

Anyhow, without further ado, I have found myself an ideal plugin to solve my miseries. I present you: “Ctrl+Shift+Q Quit”. You can find add-on linked at the top of this post.