cPanel “CURRENT” release tier just got bumped to version 11.64 which brings few things and resolves few issues and oddities. This is Release Candidate channel so it may take some time to get those features to RELEASE or STABLE update tiers.

Features/Fixes that got me excited in this release:

Minimum free space available for backups:
added a minimum free disk space check to WHM’s Backup Configuration interface (Home » Backup » Backup Configuration). You can now configure the backup system to check for a minimum amount or percentage of free disk space before it runs a local backup. If the system does not possess the minimum available free disk space, the system will not perform the backup and it will send a warning notification.

Backup retention strict enforcement:
added the Strictly enforce retention, regardless of backup success option to WHM’s Backup Configuration interface (Home » Backup » Backup Configuration). If you select this option, the system deletes the oldest retained backup file after every backup runs, regardless of success.

Finally, those PartialFailure backup results because of the empty MySQL databases and similar will not result in backups not being properly rotated and filling up disk space indefinitely. Setting defaults to disabled.

Upgrade to EasyApache 4, if your system runs CloudLinux, automatically fetches CloudLinux’s EasyApache 4 migration script and uses that for upgrade. No more doing that part manually. Yay!

PHP sessions are now saved by default in the /var/cpanel/php/sessions directory.
EasyApache4 installations create subdirectories based on the version of PHP currently installed. If multiple versions of PHP exist on the system, there will be a subdirectory for each version of PHP. This directory is owned by the root user and has 4733 permissions. This allows PHP to write session files, but users are unable to see other sessions in the directory. The consequence of PHP-written session files is that PHP is unable to clean its own sessions. The session files are cleaned by a root-run cron job.

If you change the session.save_path in the php.ini configuration file, the cron job will continue to clean up the sessions files in specified directory. When the cron job is run it will ensure that the directory permissions are correct.

Do not change the session.save_path to /tmp or a directory that other users or programs use. If you change the session.save_path to another directory, the directory’s permissions will be changed to 4733. This will likely break other programs’ functionality. If /tmp must be used, create a subdirectory under /tmp to hold the PHP session files.

Hacking together that session cleaning mechanism looks a bit odd to me, but whatever, I trust they know their job well :-)

Removed Change a Site’s IP Address interface

Well it is moved to the “Home » Account Functions » Change Site’s IP Address”

Full release notes are available on their Documentation page.

Oh, forgot to mention, new styles are available (dark and light themes for cPanel). More about that on cPanel’s blog: