This post is intended to share list of Firefox extensions I use. Maybe you get use of some. It was inspired by this article.

Anyhow, my current list goes like:

Better reader
Helps me adjust behavior of Reader View that is built in into firefox. I can change color scheme, padding, width and much more. It comes really handy when reading long articles.

Ctrl + Shift + Q Quit
As I try to use keyboard in browser navigation as much as it is feasible I had this issue with constantly closing my browser completely when trying to close one tab only (Ctrl + W and Ctrl + Q are too close on QWERTZ layout ;-) ) This extension resolves that issue for me.

Speeds up resource loading and helps in preventing tracing across the web.

Gnome Shell intergration
I use GNOME on my laptop, so there’s that.

HTTPS Everywhere
This one is pretty much self-explanatory, isn’t it?

Link cleaner
Removes those utm_source…. trackers from URL.

Privacy Badger
Helps in blocking those nasty trackers by blocking their cookies. Great thing about Privacy Badger vs Ghostery or some other plugin is that it learns automatically with time.

Simple bookmarks menu
By trying to gain more vertical browser space I’ve disabled bookmark bar and am using bookmark menu. But the default one has all sorts of things in there, and I like to keep things minimal when navigating through the list which is rather big as it is.

Tab counter
Talking about keeping things minimal, I can’t say that about my open tab count so thins extension gives me information on how much tabs do I have open and helps in reminding me that I should probably get rid of some.

TinyTinyRSS watcher
Persistent icon that provides me with count of unread articles on my TTRSS instance.

Tree style tab
I used to use Tab Mix Plus plugin and multiple rows of tabs but this extensions helps me reduce vertical space taken by tabs, and allows me to have more of them opened at once 3:-)

uBlock Origin
After experimenting with many I finally settled on using uBlock Origin as my ad-blocker of choice as it is lightweight and less resource intensive than others and at the same time gives better results by default.

I have Wallabag, so there’s that…

Feel free to suggest some plugins if you think there’s the one I should use in conjunction with those or to replace some. :-)