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Sync messages across IRC clients with ZNC ClientBuffer plugin

One of the main reasons for setting up ZNC bouncer for me was to be able to have same IRC account on multiple computers and have messages synced across them. This isn’t “default functionality” so you need to install additional ClientBuffer plugin.

To install the module on ZNC installed from binary package on FreeBSD you need to:

  1. Fetch the module
    fetch --no-verify-peer https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jpnurmi/znc-clientbuffer/master/clientbuffer.cpp  
  2. Build module
    znc-buildmod clientbuffer.cpp
  3. Copy module to ZNC library directory
    cp clientbuffer.so /usr/local/lib/znc/
  4. Restart ZNC service
    service znc restart

To enable this module “Network wide” go to: Your settings –> Networks –> Edit network –> Find ClientBuffer on plugin list and enable it.

For this to work properly you also need to disable following options in settings:

  • Auto Clear Query Buffer
  • Auto Clear Chan Buffer

From there you can message *clientbuffer with appropriate commands. Available commands are:

/msg *clientbuffer AddClient 
/msg *clientbuffer DelClient 
/msg *clientbuffer ListClients
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