Although I don’t use IRC as much as I used to do I still have ZNC set up to connect and keep me joined in channels.

As Weechat is my preferred IRC client here are the settings I use to connect my accounts to the ZNC bouncer.

/secure passphrase WEECHAT_PASSWORD
/secure set znc_password YOUR_ZNC_PASSWORD
/set irc.server_default.nicks NICKNAME
/server add freenode YOUR_ZNC_ADDRESS/6697 -ssl -autoconnect

Here’s further explanations of some variables I’ve mentioned above:

  • WEECHAT_PASSWORD - used for protecting weechat client itself. Asks for this password on startup. Entirely optional
  • YOUR_ZNC_PASSWORD - your password for logging into ZNC server
  • NICKNAME - nickname you’d like to have when joining into some channel
  • YOUR_ZNC_ADDRESS - address of your ZNC server and the port name (I use 6697 with SSL)
  • YOUR_USERNAME - refers to your ZNC username
  • CLIENT_NAME - will show up in list of clients (message ListClients to status). Helps differentiate between connected clients
  • /freenode in that case is just to hint ZNC server that we’re connecting to the IRC server called freenode which we already have configured within ZNC interface