Obviously, I’ve decided to revert this decision on new articles again.

There has been this thought in my head about completely disabling comments on this website for some time now. Sure, it is nice to get nice feedback for the articles I’ve written in the past or comments that correct some of outdated or otherwise incorrect information in articles but I think that those comments can be easily posted by contacting me directly.

Additionally what I’ve observed is that legitimate comments are really sparse compared to the spam comments. For example, on my all of my articles (100+) I have around 40 comments in total. At the same time, there are approximately 2000 spam comments blocked each month.

So in the spirit of great article by Kev on this very same topic (disabling comments), I’ve also decided to completely turn of comments this blog.

My contact form will still be there so you can reach out to me that way.

If anyone has any complaints, those can be posted in the comment section down below… oh, wait… ;-)