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Portscan with netcat

Recently I had to discover custom SSH port on the server so I needed to come up with a somewhat quick way to check for open ports on the server. To do that simplest and prettiest solution I’ve found was using netcat utility. As you can see by looking at

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FreeBSD – Assign IPv6 address to a jail

In previous article I’ve explained how to add IPv6 to your server, now it’s time to show you how to assign IPv6 address to Jail running on your IPv6 host. I’m using ezjail at this moment to manage my Jails. If you’re like me you can use following command to

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Configuring IPv6 on FreeBSD on Hetzner

This article will be one of the few to come in the near future. I’m in the process of switching my VPS servers from various VPS providers to dedicate box I’ve leased at Hetzner. Up until now I’ve mostly used CentOS on my server systems but it is time to

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How to set up ZFS on CentOS 7

Recently I have started thinking about backups on my personal web server (on which this blog is hosted on). Simplest solution I have come up with is to just mount additional drive to the server, format it as ZFS, sync stuff to it and then just snapshot that drive. This

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Owncloud client on Fedora 25

If you were fast on a trigger and upgraded to Fedora 25 as soon as it was available and you use Owncloud client for your syncing needs you may found yourself that Owncloud client doesn’t start. You may have also noticed an that it causes an error while trying to

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updown.io – simple monitoring service

Are you in search for an simple monitoring service that will provide you with status updates for your service and don’t want to pay in gold for it? You also don’t want to maintain your own server with services like Icinga or Nagios? Search no more, here’s updown.io, simple, easy

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SSH agent service in Fedora

It is wise to protect your private SSH keys with a strong password so in case somebody manages to get your private key somehow he will still need password for it to be able to use it and that should hopefully give you enough time to change your keys. When

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Self hosted email

There are many reasons why would somebody want to host their own email server. There are many advantages for doing this but there are also many drawbacks. Setting up your own mail server can certainly be a great learning experience filled with discoveries about different set of technologies, protocols and

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How to include custom man pages in Linux?

Have you ever wondered where man pages are located and can you include some other folder with man pages? Well since I compile Mutt email client from source I have decided to place it in /opt directory so it won’t interfere with system packages and packages from official repositories. When

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