Ever since I started this website I’ve some kind of way to leave a comment on the article, with a brief exception when I turned off the comments and then shortly turned them on again.

In the beginning I used built-in system in Wordpress, then switched to Disqus, and at last decided to switch to Commento self-hosted system. Just when I switched to Commento, it seems that it became unmaintained, because at this point there have not been any updates for over 2 years.

That being said, I’m now considering either shutting down comments on the site once again or switch to a different platform.

I’d like to avoid using proprietary hosted solutions, and would prefer self-hosted ones, which is why I am considering the switch to the Isso application. Issue with this is that I still need to figure out a way to preserve the existing comments and move them over to the new system.

Is there a system or setup you would recommend for this page? Bear in mind, it is a static webpage generated by hugo, but I can host the component which I embed onto this site on some server. Hosted options are obviously lower in my priority list. To be completely honest, if I had to return to Disqus, I will probably just shut down comments and leave an option to reach via email/mastodon/whatever.