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Gitlab Patch upgrades

I’ve been hosting my Gitlab instance for some time now. Gives me the freedom of experimenting with various features and also forces me to learn a thing or two about it. Install I currently have has been done via installation from source. Reason for that was that Omnibus package has

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Apache: No space left on device

When apache reports no space left on device: couldn’t create accept lock and you’ve checked both disk space and inode usage of disk and they both report as fine check active semaphores: ipcs -s If there’s high number of them, Apache probably hasn’t cleared up after itself and some semaphores

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Reboot with kexec on Ubuntu 18.04

First off, what is kexec? – It is a system call that enables you to load and boot into another kernel from currently running kernel. That effectively means; doing reboot without going through the whole POST/Firmware load process. To use kexec we can rely on systemd to handle process for

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Remove EFI grub timeout

Ever since I’ve set up EFI boot on my machine using grub I had this issue with timeout option not wanting to go away. Digging into the issue I first looked at /boot/grub/grub.cfg where I found this piece of code: “This is weird” I said to myself, where does that

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